The wind is really something we have had to contend with here. After we bought the property we realised that the location is not only dry – but windy too! Ha! We were naïve thinking that everywhere in Tasmania is wet and wonderful…

So here we are in a wind tunnel and, although the view is to die for, there are days when we wish we could snuggle down into a Hobbit hole and be rid of this robust air element. We have planted non-suckering poplars (of a Tasmanian genus, for those who are interested) and are several years away from them being effective windbreaks. We wanted something else… fast growing, wind tolerant, drought tolerant – and cheap! I looked on gumtree and found a fella who was selling 30 radiata pines for a good price. The deal got even better when it turned out that there were not 30 – but 50+ pines! All of a good size. But wait, there’s more! We got two oaks and a silver birch in the deal too! You’ve got to have a win occasionally to keep you going.

Today we planted seven of the pines. No, that’s not a lot, but Greenman has had to whipper-snip the area before planting. Plus, we have been debilitated by hayfever and have been exhausted because we are both working full-time and coming home watering, cutting grass, planting and doing related jobs. And at the moment, the grass is so high I’ve lost the gingko! We are watering everything by hand, which means I’m getting some good exercise.

We have had extreme weather here lately; today it’s been a partly cloudy 22 degrees, so you can see Greenman in the photo having some respite in the shade of one of the pines.



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