PLACE: Greenman Orchards


We had the dam dug and my brother totally insulted us by saying, ‘That’s just a ditch.’ Not nice after spending A LOT of money. Maybe he isn’t aware that new dams don’t come filled with water and you have to wait for the rain…

The dam will hold about six mega litres but we have a licence for ten. It’s a kidney shape and the wall is a lot bigger than we anticipated. Levels are deceiving. It’s not in the exact location that we wanted it either; it could have been another 20 metres further up the paddock, but it can’t be changed now. It’s so annoying when people don’t listen to what you want and do it their own way.

The dam digger took ages to complete it, doing it in stages, and this really annoyed Kenny as he likes people to finish what they start before they go on to do another job. Kenny started to get anxious too, as we had trees to put in and they were starting to move (come out in leaf with the warmer weather).

We planted some willows and lots of poplars for wind breaks. The poplars are a Tasmanian variety that does not sucker. Spring is here and they are now coming out in leaf.

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