PLACE: Greenman Orchards


Well it’s been ages since my last blog. Sorry about that. A lot has been happening…

I went to the west coast of Tassie for work and decided it was WAY too far to be commuting back and forth on a regular basis, especially with the weather (ice and snow on the roads), so I resigned from that position and returned. And as we still have to eat, I resumed relief work.

Going Solar – that has been an experience and a half. I wish we had done our homework a bit better. A lot better! We made the mistake of choosing a company that did not have experience doing stand-alone systems – but he didn’t tell us that! We deduced it as we went along until finally Kenny asked the guy one day, ‘Haven’t done a lot of these, have you?’ and he replied, ‘Ahhh, no.’

The long and the short of it is that’s it’s a long story, but we had to upgrade the inverter, we are still waiting to get more panels and we have had to get the electrician back numerous times to sort things out. He even had the solar panels set on LOW! We didn’t even know there was a setting on the panels, but when they weren’t charging. Well, that was another re-visit and on the roof to check. Plus, he did not have the generator wired in to come on automatically as it was supposed to do, so we were turning it on every time we wanted power! And then, back out to turn it off just before we went to bed. The electrician finally wired it in to come on auto, and it’s supposed to go off once it reaches a certain charge, but that hasn’t been happening. The ongoing story…


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