PLACE: Southern Tasmania

CIRCUMSTANCE: A couple of small progressions

Today we got the reply from the dam contractor and we are happy to report that he can indeed work within our budget – yay!!! Having said that…our budget has gone up… After some thought, we concluded that our initial idea of what a dam – or a hole in the ground – might cost was way off target. Well, you live and learn. The contractor also said that working by the hour might be cheaper, so this one is not settled yet. Moreover, the water consultant man is onto us again and needs to come out and make another assessment because even if we have a teeny-weeny bit of a ‘wall’ – it’s a dam.

Second progression of the day is that finally – after about six weeks – the wood heater installer came to see us. One of the first things we did on arrival, as I have reported, is to go ‘shopping’ for items to make life in a shed rather more comfortable. So off we trotted looking at wood heaters. Not the choice we expected to have in Tasmania but there was a satisfactory selection. Well, we chose a wood heater – highly effective and cost efficient with an endless supply of pick-your-own-up-off-the-ground wood – but we would not commit to buy until we had a definite price on the installation, and that meant someone had to come to the site and have a look. It is not your typical house installation and there are things to consider such as the height of the roof and the velocity of the wind. Try telling that to someone who just wants to make the deal. No, we insist: we want the installer to see the job first and give a quote! So after waiting about six weeks, I get a phone call from the installer and he comes to the site. And just as well too because we are going to need extra flue and he will have to secure the flue to the roof. It’s really nice when you get someone who knows what they’re talking about. Now we will wait for the proper quote.

Oh, and guess what – you won’t believe the irony of this – the wood heater we have chosen was made in Western Australia! Like they need heat there! We so thought we’d find a Tasmanian-made wood heater. Now there’s a manufacturing opportunity for someone.

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