TIME: Week 5, February 2016IMG_3239

PLACE: Cider Isle

CIRCUMSTANCE: Let there be light!

We got the generator serviced and now we can have some power. Let there be light! We have been using tea lights and one of those little blue hurricane lanterns. And guess what? We plugged in the fridge…and nothing… [insert your favourite expletive] What we DON’T need are more expenses! And despite the fact that we know – don’t we know it! – there are always going to be unforeseen expenses doesn’t mean we can take it. Sometimes, such as the added expense of fixing up the area around the shed to bring up the ground level, you think, ‘Oh damn, we’ll just have to incur that’ but other things just make you think in expletives and you resist spending the money. This is the case with the fridge. If we’d known the fridge was going to be temperamental we could have got rid of it in Perth and had that extra room in the container for our other things, then my new lampshade might not have been so squashed and our hat stand might have been saved from annihilation. The fridge problem will have to wait. We just don’t have the money to be buying a new one.


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