TIME: Week 3, January 2016IMG_3199

PLACE: Cider Isle


Well, it’s week 3 since we arrived in the cider isle and we have now acquired numerous items that will eventually – when we find tradesmen – become part of our bathroom and kitchen. But more importantly, we feel we have made some progress with the dam in spite that we feel everything is going VERY slowly. But finally, we meet with a consultant on site about getting a dam constructed. The site is at the bottom of the property and tends to get water logged during the winter. Greenman describes our requirements and the good news is that if we just dig a hole, it’s not a dam, so we can do that and don’t have to have any kind of permission or go through any application processes. To start with, this sounds good, because any application is going to cost money in the region of thousands. However, if we take out lots of fill, it becomes a question of how we are going to distribute that soil. Sure we can sell it, but then we will need a mining licence! You’re kidding! But some people, apparently, have done this and it has been cost effective. The next step is talking to a farm dam contractor.

As I said, things seem to be slow and it’s getting frustrating as there does not seem to be any action happening in terms of getting the shed turned out to a liveable state. But our container arrived – yay! – and it’s even in a fashionable matching colour to the shed – how chic! We bought a trolley and moved our boxes, bikes and various bits ‘n’ pieces into it making more space inside the shed.

And the spookies keep coming…


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