TIME: Week 1

PLACE: Cider Isle

CIRCUMSTANCE: Sophisticated camping

For the time being we will be living a kind of sophisticated camping life. It will be camping – but using a shed instead of a tent. Definitely upmarket in my book, especially when the wind blows and it rains. We used to use a two-person tent and it had a tendency to blow away in the wind. Not much fun on a rainy windy night! That’s when a car comes in handy…

We retrieved our stored camping gear from under a gum tree. It was on a pallet under a tarp held down by rocks. We used this location for the last few years and thought it was pretty good despite the odd bit of dirt finding its way in over the eleven-month intervals. We have a camping stove, a few utensils and cooking gear, a blow-up mattress and a couple of folding chairs.

Now we were keen to increase our comfort because this time we don’t have to leave it under a tree! Our first acquisition: a loo! Oh wow, don’t I feel made up! This sure beats squatting in the grass, especially at my age…


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