TIME: Wednesday, 22nd December 2015Snapshot 1 (15-02-2016 10-50 AM)

PLACE: Western Australia

CIRCUMSTANCE: Leaving for good

Last night we slept on the floor in the empty house in a makeshift bed of sheets, blankets and a feather doona. Yesterday, our contents were packed up and trucked out and all we are left with is a ute-load of miscellaneous items that we’ll take with us on our journey. Time to leave.

 Eyes, look your last!

 We are gone by 7 am.

In those moments of leaving were both sorrow and excitement. We had worked very hard on the property at Chidlow, not just painting inside and out and paving a huge sweeping verandah, which took two years – well done Greenman! – but the planting of trees and watching them grow, protecting them from destructive birds, kangaroos and white ants, establishing a fernery all with resident frogs, the veggie garden, the worm farm, all of it, and now it was time to hand it over to someone else. The sense of ownership is strong where emotions are concerned. What a strange transitional state of mind… But helping us through were our plans and our purpose; to do it all again! So it was with thoughts of fulfilling those expectations that we left with excitement.

 Our route to Tasmania will take us via Albany and Esperance.


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