TIME:  Midsummer, Tuesday, 21st December 201511149465_10206292230366950_6134667301224396464_n

PLACE:  Chidlow, Western Australia


Yaaay! It has finally happened! We put our plan into action and now it’s happening! We can hardly believe it!

Today is the day of the house settlement. We move out.

The house is no longer ours… Not just the house, the whole property. Sad… We will miss it. Maybe. Maybe not. Certainly there will be some aspects that we will miss for a while until we reproduce them at our destination. For instance, I’ll miss all the little birds coming to the birdbath under the beautiful Manchurian pears. I’ll miss putting the socks on the car mirrors to stop the blue wrens from spending all day attacking their own images instead of bobbing about under the grevilleas. I’ll miss the girls and their fresh eggs. I’ll miss all that for a while. But I won’t miss the heat. And I won’t miss the ground going like concrete as soon as the rain stops. And I certainly won’t miss the dry, orange grit under my feet that crumbles and rolls and leaches the goodness we applied.

So sad it may be but also exciting for the destination will be more than ten times the size of this little venture that we’re now leaving. We’ll do it all again, but on a bigger scale – a much bigger scale! And more besides! There will be more trees, more chickens, more worms, a bigger orchard, a bigger vineyard, veggies all year round – and the chance to grow things that need a cooler climate, like raspberries and red currants.

The movers are here and it’s up-lift time!

I remember the last time we did this; the movers came and we watched the truck move out of the driveway thinking that that would be it. However, it wasn’t and we came back. But this time is different. This time, the house has been sold and there will be no coming back. This time…it’s permanent.


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  1. Have loved looking at your page tonight. What a great read. We are excited to see this develop and unfold as your amazing journey and adventure continues. XXX Naomi

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